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I'm a guitarist, composer, arranger, part-time recording engineer, copyist, and a music pedagogue from Finland. This website is all about my current and past guitar gear. I don't expect you to get excited if you popped in by accident, but since you've found your way this far, you probably are a guitar geek of some kind just like me. Feel free to look around.

News! I have composed quite a bit of music lately. Some of the songs can be found at SoundCloud. I hope you will check them out and leave a comment.

It would actually be kinda fun to know if this site has been of any help for anyone. If so, or just to say hi, please drop me a note via the form below. No information submitted via this form will be given to a third party. Promise. Ja suomalaiset, kirjoittakaa rohkeasti suomeksi, yritän vaan olla kansainvälinen.

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