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Marshall 1982B 4x12" Cabinet, 1973

Marshall 1982b 4x12" Cabinet, 1973

A high-power Marshall 1982B Lead cabinet from 1973 with quite a bit of street credibility. A stack consisting of an angled 1982 and a straight 1982B cabinet - a lot like this one - was the weapon of choice for one Jimi Hendrix back in the day, so you most certainly have a hunch of how this cabinet sounds. It sports a quad of Celestion G12H 55 Hz heavy magnet 12-inch "Greenback" speakers with coveted Pulsonic cones.

The serial number plate is long gone - as well as the black corner protectors and the plastic magnet covers on all speakers. This cabinet has surely been on the road: the tolex is totally stripped from the bottom and there's a lot of road wear all over the thing. One of the speakers has undergone a cone repair, but it seems to work just fine. The wound on the speaker cone lines up with a tear on the front cloth, so most certainly this cab has been a part of a very high-energy rock show. Despite the somewhat rough appearance - or perhaps because of it - this cabinet sounds just phenomenal.

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