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Vox AC30 Top Boost, 1964

Vox AC30 Top Boost, 1964

Vox AC30 combo from 1964. Six inputs, three channels: vib-trem, normal and brilliant. This one is a Top Boost model with more gain available than non Top Boost models have. This amp came from England from a really nice gentleman. The back panel has three holes: a previous owner had extra speaker jacks in there, but I removed them right away. The holes remain though. The electrolytic caps and some worn-out/drifted components have been replaced and the amp has otherwise been fully serviced in March 2012. Also, during the overhaul a regular 6.3mm jack was installed into one of the back panel holes so that any footswitch can be used to toggle the vibrato/tremolo on/off.


s/n: 12408 T / "T/B BOOST AC30/6 SER No 04587" (chassis)

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