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Brownface Extension Cabinet

Brownface Extension Cabinet

One day I got this crazy idea that it would be cool to have an extension cabinet that matches the visual appearance of my Brownface Fender amplifiers, Princeton and Deluxe (6G2 and 6G3, respectively). Fender didn't offer extension cabinets for their combos, even though the bigger amps (such as Bassman, Bandmaster, Tremolux etc.) came in "piggyback" head + cabinet format.

By accident I ran into this gentleman, mr. Heikki "Hessu" Riihinen, who builds guitars, amplifiers, amplifier and speaker enclosures and whatnot. He wanted to purchase a piece of equipment from me, and after some talking - and receiving a couple of photos of already finished projects - I knew I would gladly accept a custom-made guitar speaker cabinet from him in return. A couple of months later I received this nice brown box - and I still remember being stunned by how good it looked.

Fender used pine enclosures in their amplifiers and cabinets during their classic era (50's and 60's), and they are renowned for their warm and musical tone. The cosmetics for this cabinet were borrowed from the first tolex-covered Fender combo amps that were produced roughly between 1961 and 1963, i.e. the "Brownface" era. Actually the workmanship in this cabinet is far superior than what you'll ever find in a real Fender. I think Hessu did a great job!

The size I chose was not totally random, but neither was it from a speaker box volume calculator of any kind. I wanted the cabinet to fit nicely under either of my Brown Fender amps, so I used the width of each amp as a guide to get the dimensions "right". Heck, I actually had no idea if they would work in practice (I have never studied speaker cabinet science...), I just wanted the cab to look right. The minute I heard the cabinet for the first time proved me that I had luck choosing the dimensions. Actually Hessu told me that this cabinet sounds better than any of his previous cabinets, so he will use these very dimensions in his future projects.

Hessu also made me a 12" to 10" adapter ring, so this cabinet will easily accommodate 10" speakers as well without having to replace the front baffle. All in all, I got a very high quality and rich-sounding guitar cabinet with a lot of possibilities. Actually a twin sister of this cabinet does exist: Hessu made two of these at the same time - and my #1 amp tech, Jaska (from Jaska's Music Garage) is the other lucky owner.


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