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Red 2x12" Cabinet

Red 2x12"Cabinet

This is my first custom-order cabinet, built in 2005 by Timo Hurskainen. I had purchased a second-hand Uraltone Jr. amplifier (pictured on the right) that a previous owner had assembled in a red wooden enclosure and I wanted to have a red cabinet that would match its looks. The combination became a nice mini-stack, at least I think so.

The Uraltone Jr. was sold a couple of years later, but the cabinet is still in my possession and it has served me very well with various amplifiers. It's a great cabinet especially because of its versatile connectivity: you can run the speakers in series, parallel or even separately with two different amps.

The metal front grille and the furry coating can take a lot of beating - this is the only cabinet I could consider lending for a punk band. It's virtually indestructible.


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