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Mystique Amps Blue Star

Mystique Amps Blue Star

This amp is unique and custom made and is hand build by a premier amp builder. It has NOS Tung-Sol 5881 output tubes and selected preamp tubes. It is cathode biased and has two parallel preamp channels, one Bassman style, the other more Plexi oriented with a pre-set EQ. The amp has been tweaked by Tommy Cougar (www.custombycougar.com).

Is has excellent treble response and breaks up with playing dynamics somewhat like a Matchless, all breakup is achieved with picking dynamics.

The front panel channel is a Bassman circuit and the other one is brighter with slightly more gain (more old school Marshall territory). These circuits were similar in the old days. All of the gain goes to power stage breakup, which means you can control it with your guitar and the picking dynamics. It is more refined and a little bit less aggressive than a Marshall with a smoother breakup. It does excellent Texas style sounds.


There are only a handful of Mystique amplifiers built and only one exactly like this. It is truly unique and exceptional.

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