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Marshall 1960TV 4x12" Cabinet, 2003

Marshall 1960TV 4x12" Cabinet

Vintage Marshall Looks And Tone

We spend a lot of time trying to re-create the sound of vintage gear and finding a classic that is in as good a shape as it sounds, is not easy or inexpensive to do. And of course, the problem with buying 30-year old equipment is that, well, it's thirty years old. Speakers dry out, contacts corrode, and grille cloths and cabinets get dinged up. So, what's the best way to go if you want a stack with vintage Marshall sound and looks? Easy. The Marshall 1960TV speaker cabinets.

Marshall 1960TV at a Glance:

Classic Looks and Vintage Tone

To re-create the classic looks and tones of yesteryear, Marshall offers the 1960TV cabinet. The 1960TV houses four Marshall/Celestion designed re-issue 25 Watt 'Greenback' speakers and is finished with the mid to late '60s style 'EC' fret cloth and the smoother levant covering. The Marshall 1960TV stands an impressive 4 inches taller than a standard 4x12 - hence the 'TV' in its name which is an acronym for 'Tall, Vintage'.

Greenback Speakers

Very responsive, with more peaks in the upper mids and highs. Many great guitar solos have been voiced with the G12M Greenback. The G12M was the first speaker produced by Celestion to feature a ceramic magnet assembly. Every subtlety of the player's dynamic style becomes wonderfully articulated. Today, as ever, the Greenback exudes a warmth and woodiness and yet retains the brightness and punch needed to cut through the rest of the band. Ideally suited to a blues-rock style, the Greenback is a must-have speaker for anyone seeking classic tone.


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