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Marshall JMP model 1985 (1971)

Marshall JMP model 1985 (1971)

A metal panel Marshall JMP 50W head from 1971. This amp started its life as a PA model (1985), but has been converted to a bass model (1986) specifications - having said that, the differences are very subtle: just a couple of capacitors and resistors. Compared to the '67 JMP and '68 JMP I also have, this baby screams much more aggressively and it breaks up earlier so it might not be my first choice for clean playing - although that's something definitely possible and worth checking out with this amp too. This amp sounds killer with a treble booster - it'll easily cover even the 80's hair metal territory if needed. The electrolytic caps have been replaced and the amp has otherwise been fully serviced in October 2011.


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s/n: S/A 2396C (June 10, 1971 is written on the inspection tag)

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