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Gibson Les Paul Elegant 1999, Gibson Custom Shop, USA

Gibson Les Paul Elegant 1999, Gibson Custom Shop, USA

A rare discontinued model from the earlier time of its production, made in Gibson Custom Shop, Nashville, TN in 1999. This model becomes more and more scarce, and Gibson connoisseurs who have realized its perfection and investment potential. The guitar has a Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish under nitrocellulose lacquer that allows to adore all the grains of the fine selected woods. Gibson no longer builds Les Paul Elegants at all, because it is much expensive in production, and the flame top version was discontinued even several years earlier - buyers then settled for quilted maple for the final few years of production.

The construction of the neck and fretboard together with the chambered body is the biggest secret in playability and sound of this guitar. The fretboard is made from the fine AAA-grade ebony and features a unique "compound radius". What is that? Well, vintage guitars tend to have a more round curvature of a fretboard, about a 7.25 inch radius. The old vintage radius was comfortable for taking chords on the first few frets. Many newer necks tend to have a flatter radius of 9.5" to 12" or more. These necks allow for easier lead work and are more comfortable on the higher frets. The Gibson Custom Shop's ingenious compound radius actually gives you the best of both worlds, so the radius is always optimal for any kind of playing.

The Gibson Les Paul Elegant is the most under appreciated Les Paul made by the Gibson Custom Shop, and it's fairly considered as one of the best Les Pauls ever made. Everything you ever fantasized about in a high-end guitar plus a lot more you never even dreamed of. Gibson has taken the Les Paul Elegant to a new level of excellence - a new level of elegance. The AAA-grade figured maple top glows with a deep iridescence. The cream binding around the top and neck is contoured to cover the fret ends. It matches the pickup supports and sets off the deep and bright body color. The glowing abalone trapezoid inlays, not the usual plain white pearloid acrylic material, that you see even on the most expensive models, and bound fingerboard add a hint of luxury. Two '57 Classic humbuckers for the crunchy, biting tone that has made the Les Paul among the world's most popular axes ever. The Les Paul Elegant features a compound radius ebony fingerboard for easier fingering and playability, and a chambered body to improve tone, increase the body's resonance and interactivity with the amp and significantly reduce weight.

Style, Grace, Elegance... and rocks harder than a pickup full of bricks. If it needs to. The truth is, the Les Paul Elegant has it all. You get the classy look, the easy playability, and the perfect variety of tones - the perfect balance of warm rhythm and hot, singing lead tones.

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