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Suhr Pro Series S4 (2009), USA

Suhr Pro Series S4 (2009), USA

"The Suhr Pro Series guitars represent a new direction for Suhr Guitars: producing the same extremely high quality guitars that we are renowned for but with set specs (no custom options) available in a limited number of popular colors at an affordable price point. There are no cutting corners or lowering of our acclaimed quality standards.

The quality of the Pro Series is as good as our tricked-out Custom jobs - you simply choose a model and a color and experience the Suhr quality for serious gigging or your personal musical enjoyment without breaking the bank. Whether you are a current custom-job Suhr owner or a player looking to move up to a Suhr from the typical mass production guitars, the Suhr Pro Series guitar provides all the qualities and features you've come to expect from Suhr.

Suhr Pro Series guitars are now available in twelve models to suit a variety of playing styles and visual tastes. From the traditional looking C1 and C2 models with Alder body to the modern and fancier looking S3 and S4 models with top grade Flame Maple tops on American Basswood body or the M1 and M2 models with the Gotoh Floyd double-locking bridge and twin humbuckers, the Pro Series guitars cover a wide sonic territory and musical genres with amazing playability and incredible looks.
" -- suhrguitars.com

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