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Budda Superdrive Series II 30 Watt 1x12" combo

Budda Superdrive Series II 30 Watt 1x12 combo

We call this amp the "Dirty 30" around Budda headquarters. Think of it as a stack in a small combo box. The 30 packs a punch and its compact, lightweight with killer headroom. The 30 is designed around 4 EL84 power tubes that are dialed in to nail the popular Ameri-Brit style gain. This amp is all about the two channel hot rodded dual class "hot bias" circuit set in a pine box with our custom Phat 12. Imagine an overdrive that is both nasty and smooth depending on how you pick your guitar and a clean tone that is lush and full with harmonic overtones never heard in a tube amp before.


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