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65 Amps SoHo

65 Amps SoHo

20 WATT (2xEL84), Tube rectified, EF86-12AX7 Cathode Follower with Bump™ circuit and Defeatable Master Voltage™.

Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Booster, Bump™, Bump Tone™, Bump Level™, Master Voltage™

Designed to be a super-functional amp for working players and enthusiasts who desire widely varied tones in one amp. The SoHo can transition seamlessly from the best of American tones to the sweetest British tones via the Bump™ function and NOT switching channels. The Bump™ will radically shift the tone-stack functionality achieving astonishing renditions of dozens of excellent, natural sounds.

In addition to the Bump™, function, we're also putting our "Master Voltage"™, knob on it that will reduce the B+ voltage and output in the amp in an unique way. It's unique in that it keeps the internal tube relationships perfect while keeping the filament voltage up. After seeing all other power schemes' shortcomings, we've come at this from a different angle and we're very pleased with the results. You can dial this amp down to 3 watts output WITHOUT losing tone, feel , vocabulary, authority, etc.

This amp is a must for studio players, small club gigs and enthusiasts who need to play at reduced volumes. . Widely adopted by studio players, sidemen, and producers as a "go-to" amp for recording and gigging. Upon release, the SoHo went on a dozen major tours and is widely used on major-label recordings on a regular basis.

-- 65amps.com

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