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Fender '57 reissue Stratocaster 1986, USA

Fender '57 reissue Stratocaster 1986, USA

One of the most popular instruments in history, our Fender Stratocaster guitar is certainly the most imitated electric guitar ever. 1957 - the peak of the maple-neck Strat era - was a benchmark year for the instrument, which had evolved from early incarnations into an archetype.

1986 - U.S. production of Fender amplifiers resumes at the Fender/Sunn factory in Lake Oswego, Oregon. The flagship American Standard Series is announced. The '57 and '62 Vintage Reissue Stratocaster guitars are introduced. The first one made is a '57 Strat in Fiesta red, with a serial number of V000001. This is presented to Fender boss Bill Schulz. The second, also a '57 reissue in Fiesta red, has a serial number of V000002, and is presented to Shadows guitarist Hank Marvin at a special banquet in London on February 12th. Also new this year is the Vintage Plus Stratocaster and amplifiers with red knobs. Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms is the first CD to sell a million copies worldwide. Fender signature artist Yngwie Malmsteen releases his Trilogy album. Elvis Costello and the Confederates issue the fabulous King of America album. (Including Tele master, James Burton). Thin Lizzy singer and bassist Phil Lynott dies. -- fender.com Timeline

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