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Fender '60 Relic Stratocaster (2001), Fender Custom Shop, USA

Fender '60 Stratocaster Relic (2001), Fender Custom Shop, USA

Inside and out, the '60 Stratocaster Relic guitar is a detailed recreation of its Kennedy-era ancestor.

It features an alder body, '60s C-shaped maple neck, and for the first time in its history: a smaller truss rod and slab laminated rosewood fingerboard with clay dot markers. The pickup design is faithful to the original right down to the materials and winding, producing a characteristically smooth and glassy tone. Under the hood, we've even replicated the finish undercoating and the crude pickup-wiring routing in the body.

This guitar has been given our "Relic" treatment built to show years of natural wear and tear; with nicks, scratches, worn finish, rusty hardware and aged plastic parts. -- fender.com

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