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Uraltone Jr. all tube Class A head

Uraltone Jr. all tube Class A head

Uraltone Jr. is a 5-20 watt guitar amplifier designed by Mikko Kankaanpää. Its preamp section is based on the legendary Fender Champ amplifier. The power amp section is a double single ended (DSE) one with separate master volume controls for each power tube, which allows you to blend the sound of different power tubes independently. Also one single power tube can be used if so desired. The resulting sound is very "alive", breathing and detailed with an extremely smooth transition between clean and dirty sounds and with more dynamics than you could ever imagine - the Uraltone Jr. definitely responds to the way you play.

The Uraltone Jr. is entirely hand-soldered (point-to-point) and only high quality components (paper-in-oil capacitors, Hammond power transformer etc.) are used. Thanks to cathode biasing, power tubes can be replaced almost "on-the-fly" to experiment various combinations in search of the perfect tone™.

The Uraltone Jr. can be easily modified and there are already several mods available in the Uraltone (finnish only!) website. Mine already has the "extra gain / spring reverb" mod installed.


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